Welcome to Blooming, Bartolo’s 4th seasonal cocktail menu.

Have you ever tasted Spring? For most, the look and taste of Spring will forever be tied to our most cherished memories. For us, Blooming is the perfect word to describe this season and was the inspiration behind this menu.

As usual, the drinks we’ve created are all very different from one other. All with distinctive flavour profiles meant to evoke the feeling of Spring.

Blooming, it’s Spring time at Bartolo!

Our Cocktail Menu

Low Tide

Bombay Sapphire gin / Mancino Vermouth Secco / Cap Corse Aperitif / Sea blite / Verjus / Dill / Soda


Falling in Love

42 Below vodka / Butter / Mancino Vermouth Bianco / Dubonnet / Strawberries / Strawberry gum / Verjus



Manzanilla sherry / Mancino Vermouth Bianco / Sakura / Pink lady apple / PS40 bush tonic


White Clouds

Plantation 3 Star / Raw cocoa butter / Americano Bianco / Orange / Cream / Whites / Soda


Apple Tree

Rinomato Americano Bianco / Green apple / Lemon oil / PS40 bush tonic / Matcha


Take a Break

Mancino Vermouth Chinato / Cold brew coffee / Strawberry / Bruto bitter


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