The concept for the Bartolo cocktail menu was born from a desire to have a venue that served amazing cocktails all throughout the day and that were light enough to be enjoyed alongside delicious Italian dishes. 

Jared vision for the venue was always to honour his great grandfather Bartolo, who came to Australia in 1910. Grazia di Franco, creative director,  first saw the room and remembers looking around the room admiring the big windows along the front façade and at that moment, she began to imagine a man sitting outside. She saw Bartolo, jotting down everything about this new home and trying to describe the unfamiliar Australian seasons he was experiencing to his family back in Italy.

Grazia then took the emotions, often evoked by the changing seasons, and translated those into flavours.

For example, the It’s So Foggy cocktail is reminiscent of hiking up a mountain in the the fog, the sensation of dryness from breathing in the misty air and the native forest scents.  This drink is tall and fresh, using Native Australian Myrtle mix and an acidic pear cordial. The drink is finished off with a simple skeleton leaf garnish that gives you a feeling of vision through the fog.

All the drinks are low in ABV (Alcohol by Volume) and built around sherry or vermouth, with spirits often making up the smaller portion of the drink. This gives people the opportunity to enjoy tasting many different cocktails over the course of a meal. Grazia believes the way that she incorporates delicate flavours into a low ABV cocktails is a fundamental key to tasting each of the elements in it.


Our Cocktail Menu

Coffee Break

Mancino Vermouth Chinato / Bruto Americano Bitter
Coffee / Strawberry / PS40 Bush Tonic

Fireplace ( Served Hot )

Rinomato Aperitivo / Americano Bianco / Calvados
Plum / Cacao / Earl grey

It’s So Foggy!

Bombay Sapphire Gin / Chartreuse Yellow / Mancino
Bianco / Sour Pear / Native Myrtle Mix / Soda

Merino Wool

Mancino Vermouth Rosso / Oloroso Sherry /
P.Ferrand Cognac / Apple / Almond Milk / Whites

Pancakes and Netflix

Plantation 3 Star Rum / Monkey47 Sloe Gin /
Hazelnut / Orange / Coconut Water / Pastry


Mancino Vermouth Bianco & Secco / Ocho Tequila
Verjus / Golden Beetroot


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